About Us

Investment Banking

Having started as Asia Securities in the early 1990s, specialising in stock brokering, the Company soon expanded its business portfolio to encompass the larger share of the investment banking market in Sri Lanka. As Asia Capital PLC (ACAP), we have ventured into diverse industries and sectors to fulfil our vision and become a powerhouse providing value-added investment opportunities and unmatched wealth creation services.

Since inception, we have pursued every opportunity in the market with a will to succeed. Our client focused approach coupled with our expertise and experience in the marketplace has gained us a reputation to be reckoned with. Our aspirations remain high, supported by intensive investment research and our wide ranging business portfolio. ACAP’s dedicated team of professionals is integral to achieving our vision and mission, by successfully operationalising our strategies. They act as the conduit that binds our business together to create value for all stakeholders.

Currently, our operations consist of leisure, project management, investment banking, and advisory services. We also have a presence in property management, real estate, asset management and information technology services. We are always ready to add to our ever expanding tapestry of spheres, aligned to our business strategies.

‘Why Asia Capital?’ you may ask. Our tried and tested innovative approaches to investment management and wealth creation have resulted in many foreign and Sri Lankan investors seeking out our services. To date, the Group has secured more than USD 500 Mn in Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) to the country by partnering with international high net worth corporates and individuals. We have assisted in creating employment opportunities in the country and contributed towards the economic growth of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, we have successfully completed major projects and have expanded our presence in the leisure industry. These achievements are a testament to the fact that we are a growing and dynamic firm in the industry.

Today, in more ways than one, we can truly say that we are a rising star in our sphere of business. For those who seek a secure partner who delivers above and beyond one’s expectations, Asia Capital PLC is your ideal choice. We look forward to hearing about your biggest aspirations.