At a Glance

Investment Banking

To describe ourselves as a diversified financial services conglomerate would be too narrow a representation of the offerings of our group. Being the largest investment bank to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange has meant years of strategic risk taking in the uneven playing field of the share market. In the early 1990s we stepped into the industry as Asia Securities - a brokering firm that set its goal post literally towards the stars.

Our aspirations were high, but that’s because our trading strategies were always supported by intensive investment research. Our value added investment services have always been client-focused and have enabled us to establish ourselves at the heart of the markets. Today, in more ways than one, we can truly say that we are among the stars in the industry. Our issued share capital of LKR 1 billion on the Colombo Stock Exchange is just a small highlight of the potential within.

Our operations encompass, but are not limited to, the following services which include – investment banking, asset management and information technology services. As the saying goes “diversity makes for a rich tapestry” - we’ve recently added leisure, project management, property management and real estate to our ever expanding tapestry of spheres.

Why Asia Capital you may ask? Our tried and tested innovative approaches to investment management and wealth creation are constantly what drive many foreign and local investors in Sri Lanka to seek out our services. For 2014/15, the group generated over LKR 1.5 billion revenue internally at a time when many in the industry were feeling the pinch of economic woes. This achievement alone is a testament to the fact that we are one of the biggest firms in the industry. For those who seek a secure partner who will deliver above and beyond one’s expectations, then welcome to Asia Capital PLC (ACAP). We look forward to hearing about your biggest aspirations.